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(Video) 6ix9ine And Meek Mill Engaged In A Fight Outside A Club In Atlanta

American Hip Hop Rapper,  engaged in a fight with Brooklyn, New York trap rap artist,  in Atlanta.

The two artist were both spotted screaming and throwing abusive words at each other, outside a club in Atlanta, of which this act had gotten lots of reactions on social media.

Moreover, it was officially disclosed that Meek Mill was spotted spitting at 6ix9ine, while they were both inside the club. Unfortunately, this didn’t goes well for the rapper, 6ix9ine, so he waited for the rapper outside the club.

Things might have gotten a bit naughty and bad, if not for the security officers, who held them down as they were nearly ready to throw hands against each other.

Watch video below;

However, Meek Mill had taken down to his Twitter handle to react to the current situation and also called out the fellow hip hop rapper and singer, 6ix9ine.

See Different Reactions Below;

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