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Arsenal revealed as the joint-dirtiest team in Premier League history


Arsenal played some of the best attacking football in the Premier League during the reign of Arsene Wenger.

The Frenchman lasted for more than 20 years and set the tone for what should be expected of the team.

Every manager that comes after him has to make his team play a neat attacking and sometimes possession-based game.

With this in mind, one would think that Arsenal would be the team that gets less cautioned in the Premier League.

But a new revelation shows that they have collected the joint-most red cards by all the EPL teams in the competition’s history.

Sun Sports has created a table with the different teams to have competed in the Premier League since it started in 1992 and Arsenal has collected 98 red cards, the same number as Everton.

Both of them are far ahead of third-placed Newcastle United who have 87 sending offs.

Mikel Arteta inherited an Arsenal team that has collected several reds, but the Spaniard’s team is also adding to the number.

One player in the current Gunners squad that can be trusted to get sent off is David Luiz and he might have one or two more left in him before this season ends.


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