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Billy Gilmour opens up about his role in midfield and his admiration towards Fabregas

Billy Gilmour opens up about his role in midfield and his admiration towards Fabregas

Chelsea’s Billy Gilmour has been impressive in the past couple of games for the team despite the mixture of results. The young Scottish player knows all about what to be aware of, on the pitch, as he plays the deep midfield role.

The Scottish international had a breakthrough year last season when manager, Frank Lampard gave him an opportunity. Gilmour was quick to grab those opportunities as he won back to back the man of the match award in games he played in. He shined against Premier League giant, Liverpool and collected lots of praise.

Just when he thought he is going to be a regular player, he suffered a horrifying knee injury that kept him away from the football fields for the majority of the season. But he is back again and after Morecambe win with a 4-0 scoreline, He spoke about the role in the midfield area.

Gilmour says that the main objective is to always remain aware of the surroundings and play as quickly as you can. When the opposition is pressing, the wide 360-degree view of his teammates’ position should be in the mind to enable him to move the ball quickly and absorb the press.

‘You have to be confident in yourself to go and receive the ball,’ says Gilmour as per Chelsea’s Official website.

‘You need to be always checking your shoulders and knowing where you are on the pitch. If you don’t do that, you’re going to get yourself in a lot of trouble.’

‘It’s then about not taking too many chances, making sure you do things full of confidence, receive the ball with both feet and just trust your own ability.’

Gilmour admires Cesc Fabregas who donned the Blue jersey. He was one of the best players who had a clinical ball-playing ability in Chelsea. Gilmour expressed that the passing ability to the upfront in various ways left him in awe, as he watched him.

Some pundits have compared his style to Fabregas even which he thinks to be a huge compliment.

‘When I was watching Cesc, it was all about his forward passes to the striker, whether that was a lofted pass, a clipped ball or just a simple through ball,’ adds Gilmour.

‘He speaks a lot about the boys because he obviously used to be here but it’s always nice seeing a top midfielder like that comment on your game.’

The young midfielder also considers wing-play to be just as crucial as midfield play in a game. Wing play can generate gaps in the opposition backline when they park the bus.

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