InstaNovella: The First Social network platform for Stories in Africa

From Hi-Tech to Fashion and down to… Literature. Africans have been diversed right from ages and once again, has proven this to be true.

a social network reading platform and the first of it’s kind in Africa.

It was founded in June 2020 and already has 50,000 registered users amidst the pandemic.

The readers/writers platform has acted as a pave way for Africans who find it hard to publish their stories locally — to make sure that everyone reads to their understanding, a Google translator was embedded to the site to help translate books which where written in English.

According to a press release by Dandy Jackson Chukwudi; CEO of InstaNovella:

“My company aims to create social communities around stories for both amateur and established writers in Africa. Africa is growing and we need to be entertained. Some people look for where to display their talents in writing but has no notable place for that and that is why InstaNovella is here. To help discover the undiscovered in Africa! Africa is a the second populated continent in Africa, there’s so much money to be made in this free service”

Having gotten roughly fifty thousand (50,000) registered users at InstaNovella, that is definitely a big start for the company.

At first, InstaNovella server was accessible mainly only in the Africa; and worked poorly, if at all, in other parts of the world. In late August, announcements were made of special web links designed for Europe and Asia. These were supposed to give other areas of the world a significant boost in server speed on the website. In early October, all three web links were combined under one worldwide link. In an announcement on the home page, it was stated that the site has gone globally on October, 2020.


Awaji-Itimikpang Abadi the Co-Founder says InstaNovella should attract a billion users across the Africa and beyond “without much difficulty” and they will monetize them through native advertising.

InstaNovella is estimated to gain a billion users before 5 years of service.

To register to the site is free and is optional for now according to Dandy Jackson Chukwudi.





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