THE MAFIA BOSS (Chapter One)


🖤[He Owns Her]🖤

Written By Crystal Oduwa✍🏾

©My Legit Info Stories

My hands were firmly rested on my cheeks while I pretended to listen to some small talk my dad was giving me on the phone right before the semester begun.

I felt really hurt that he didn’t even remember today was my birthday. No calls, no texts and when he finally called, it was to give one of his numerous advices.

I faked a yawn and checked my time although he couldn’t see me.

“I have to go now dad. I don’t want to be late.”

“Alright dear, please don’t forget to be careful.”

He reminded for the hundredth time

“It’s a school for the rich dad. I’ve survived two years already. I’ll be fine.”

I rolled my eyes although he couldn’t see me.

“Bye dear, I love you.”

He made a kissing sound before hanging up and I sighed once again.

“So much for a happy birthday.”

I mumured as I gathered my things.


I plugged my headset in playing some music while moving towards my car. The only actually thing I was currently grateful for. Obviously I’m a daddy’s girl. It’s not like I could be anything else. I literally have no idea where I came from. Babies are supposed to come from a mother and father whereas my mom was just plain nonexistent.

As I grew older, I tried to ask questions but my dad brushed them off. I tried to research but he controlled everything about me and it was a dead end.

Two years ago when I got into college, I hired a private investigator and six months later he came back with the same story. The only thing I could find out was her name, Tina Grant. I had no idea how she looked or what happened to her. What a crazy life.

I pushed my car open, like I said my baby. I begged my dad to let me drive myself. This was my only condition to letting h dictate my life for me. After everything, he finally agreed thankfully.

My phone beeped and a new message came in.

*Happy Birthday beautiful, Noel*

My heart did a flip flop staring at the text. Finally, someone remembered my birthday. Noel was my study party and I may just have a tiny crush on him well not tiny but still I couldn’t help myself. He’s the sweetest being.

I closed the screen as well as the car door getting in properly before staring off the engine and driving in the direction of Hart way college.


I arrived shortly later and students were trooping in and out. I had thought most of them would resume a week later but it seems everyone is as eager to resume as I am.

I spent the holiday alone with Noel keeping me company. My own father didn’t want me because he would rather go on his numerous business trips. I’m grateful for your life he’s provided for me but I still needed a father and he was just a caretaker.

I parked my car, stepped out and locked the door inhaling the fresh air.

Just then, a bag was placed over my head and a strong figure slowly shoved me into a van or a car I couldn’t really time.

Like he read my mind, he quickly placed a hand over my lips so I wouldn’t scream.

“You have to come with me. If you want to live.”

He said in a gruffy voice. I kept mute and watched the car drive off wondering how I was just kidnapped in broad day light.


The car drove for a short while then stopped and the bag was placed back on.

“Who are you?”

I shook tenderly asking him a question.

“Your savour.”

He responded leading me somewhere.

“Savour….what do I need saving from!”

“From not having the best birthday ever.”

He responded and I stood perplexed.


Loud voices yelled and the bag was taken off.

I faced my dad and definately more than fifty people who I’m sure I barely know and about ten which I do. I held my chest trying to control my phobia. I hate surprises and too bad my caretaker has no idea.


He yelled and the room kept spinning before everything went dark.



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©Crystal Oduwa


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