• Part 3
        “Honey I’m home”, I screamed as I walked into Esther’s house.

It’s a little inside joke we had. She wasn’t in the living room so I asked one of the maids and I was told she was in her room. As I turned around to make my way to her room, I suddenly heard a shriek

“What in the world are you wearing?!”

“Tsk tsk”, I chided. “Not even a welcome or an hug but you criticize my outfit as soon as you see me. Now to answer your question-“, I give her a dramatic twirl, “- I’m wearing a blouse and a pair of jeans”

“Well I can see that”, she said while eyeing me from head to toe.

“You can? Then why the very unnecessary question?”, I asked teasingly.

She pinched the bridge of her nose and sighed. “I don’t have time for this. You cannot wear…. that. Come on”, she clapped her hands and gestured for me to follow her.

“Uh…where are we headed?”, I asked, acting dumb as I complied.

“My room”, she answered without breakimg her stride.

“I’m pretty sure the party is out here not in your room”

“Of course it isn’t silly. You’re gonna change out of that hideous outfit, wear a new one and then we’re going to do your make-up, like it or not”, she said with a tone of finality.

“But-“, I cut myself off as she leveled her best ‘don’t test me’ stare on me.

“Okay”, I said, sulking.

“Oh cheer up”, she cooed while pinching my cheeks. “It’s my birthday but you’re the one getting a makeover”.

We had gotten to her room by then and she sauntered over to her mirror to reapply her lip gloss while I flopped down on her bed and stared at the ceiling.

“For God’s sake, how many times do I have to tell you to cheer up? Huh?”, She questioned as she sat down on the bed. “You’re going to go out of this room looking like a million bucks. Infact-“, she leaned in conspiratorially, “- Chris wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you”.

“Snap out of it Sty. Christopher was a stupid school crush. I’ve been over him for months” , I replied her with an eye roll.

“Yeah, yeah. I completely believe you”, she retorted sarcastically. “That explains why you’re still tongue-tied around him”.

“I’m being serious!”, I exclaimed, “so don’t get any matchmaking ideas at the party tonight. I’ll kill you if you try anything”, I threatened.

Giggling, she held her hands up in an ‘I surrender’ gesture. “Fine. Calm the eff down. I won’t try anything. I swear on your grave Nan”.

“Hey!”, I lunged at her and she quickly backed off the bed .

“Sorry… sorry”, she said inbetween fits of laughter. “Oya get up. The party starts in less than one hour and I’ve got to finish working my magic before then”.

Gosh! I loved that babe. I almost wish I didn’t kill her. Scratch that, I almost wish WE didn’t kill her but that’s a tale I’ll tell. Soon. For now, I relive the circumstances under which I met Jim.

To be continued…..


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